High performance Copper Plated Bullets

A superior bullets without compromises for the best accuracy

ST Bullets by Shooting Technology are  made out of the finest materials available in the European Community in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot.

ST Bullets are copper plated bullets made with hard alloy coating using an advanced electroplating system. They have a high thickness layer of copper uniformly deposited in order to shoot it at high velocity.

When you choose ST Bullets you are selecting a Shooting Technology product centered on exceptional quality, friendly customer service, and a product base that is Made in Italy

ST  Bullets are the latest generation of copper-plated bullets produced by Shooting Technology.
They have been develop and tested by professional sports shooters, using the most popular brands of pistols currently present on the market.

The final result is superb!

An advanced galvanic coating technology, combined with a hard lead alloy core in a new design which favors the side length of the bullet has given us an excellent quality at a very competitive price.


The items on sale are of free sale and production according to Italian law.
Before purchase check if there are any legal restrictions according to the laws of your country of origin.
The company disclaims any legal liability / dispute.

ST Bullets 9mm Caliber HPHB TC

ST Bullets 9mm Caliber TC

ST Bullets 40 S&W Caliber RN FP

ST Bullets 45 Caliber RN

9mm Caliber FPHB

9mm Caliber TCHP