Cartridge Cases Cleaner L.E.M.

Cartridge Cases Cleaner L.E.M. (Three Models)

The LEM Electromagnetic Case Cleaner offers a new level of brass case cleaning performance.
This new case cleaner gets brass MUCH cleaner than ultrasonic or tumbling methods.

The originality and the unique technical characteristics of this kind of product, has allowed us the obtaining of the intellectual patent.

Accessories- Spare Parts


The Cartridge Cases Cleaner L.E.M. machine compared to other traditional systems, it has numerous advantages:

  • Cheap and ecological (low consumption and use of normal water with small doses of household detergents not harmful to pollution)
  • Microneedles/Pins last forever
  • The only one with very short working times
  • The only one that cleans and polishes the seat hole of the primer, the flash hole and all the inner surfaces of the cartridge case in one operation.

L.E.M. Equipment

The L.E.M. machine  is supplied with the following components:

  • Nr. 1 Apparatus
  • Nr. 1 Water tank container
  • Nr. 1  Container cover
  • Nr. 1 Micro neddles/pins  package L5 mm ( standard)
  • Nr. 1 Electric power cable
  • Nr. 1 User manual – Instructions (pdf document downloadable from the internet) and general information. If you are not able to download them, please ask directly to seller.

General Warning label is pasted on the rear panel of the machine
The “Magnetic recovery tool” is an accessory and it is not included in the standard equipment