Cartridge Cases Annealing “VULCANO”


With VULCANO is possible to perform the annealing from the smallest shells to the larger ones such as the .50 BMG obtaining the same process for all the shells. The VULCANO applies, to a work hardened area of brass, a localized heat by magnetic induction and energy of that heat will cause the grain size of the metal to grow. As this happens, the material loses strength (relaxing heat treatment) and regais its tolerance fro stretching without braking. The Annealing process depends for the material, temperature and time applied.
VULCANO is the first annealing machine where you can play in total freedom all these parameters.

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The VULCANO is an innovative resonance induction annealing machine for cartridge bullet cases. With VULCANO is possible to perform the annelaing process from the smallest shells to the biggher ones such as the .50 BMG. The VULCANO  performs a localised distension heat treatment on the area of the neck that is stressed by the gunshot. The annealing process  on the brass depends from  the material, temperature and how long  time it is applied. For this reason VULCANO is the first induction annealing machine where you can change this parametrs as you need. Using paint markers is it possible to find correct annealing process and then make the job in fast way and with repeatability.

The Vulcano machine is supplied with : n.1 machine, n.1 shell holder cal 308, n.1 coil protection bush, n.1 spacers kit (   2-6-10-14 mm) , n.1 wire cable, n.1 user manual.

Shell holders for other calibers , and accessories like paint marker,  more spacers, etc, are not included

Power 230v-50Hz- 1400W

Dimensions of the machine: 220 x300 h h 180 mm

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Peso 7 kg


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